Happy Holiday Season! Even though Thanksgiving just happened and it still feels a lot like fall (we still have some beautiful foliage here right now in NY) I am all into the holiday spirit right now. In my family the tradition was that after Thanksgiving dinner was eaten we would all watch Christmas Vacation to usher in the holiday season properly.

I am also a firm believer in protecting your energy when it comes to the malls and hectic shopping situation during the holidays. It can leave you feeling angry, depleted, and completely out of the holiday spirit. I’m actually writing this on black Friday, cozy in my house, with no intention of hitting up a big store until the new year. You can either find me at the mom and pop shops in my hometown supporting local businesses, or ordering gifts online (supporting large corporations that are taking over our lives, haha).

I am here to simplify the task of your holiday shopping, so you can retain some joy and remember what this time of year is really about. The gifts I have included in this guide are all affordable, and curated for you; the yogi, the spiritual entrepreneur, the fitness fashionista, and the health foodie.

So for all the wellness enthusiasts out there…you know who you are… drinking green juices, going to soul cycle, sage-ing the F out of your house after you have a fight with your boyfriend, and reading the latest personal development book, I’ve got you! Check out my pics for 2017!

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