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How overwhelming and confusing it can be when you just want to feel and look your best, but you don’t know where to start.

Never knowing what “diet” is best for you, or being told that the newest food trend will change your life.

Making plans to go to the gym, but then it’s just too early, late, dark, cold, and your bed feels so much better!

Laying the guilt on yourself when you don’t achieve your goals.

Day after day, year after year never seeing any personal growth and feeling stagnant in your life.

I’ve been there. I would lay out my gym clothes the night before, set my alarm, and go to sleep with every intention of making tomorrow the day where I would get into a routine and become the person I want to be- energetic, vibrant, disciplined, passionate!

…spoiler alert, it never happened. Or it would for a few days, but it never stuck.

I didn’t know how to keep myself accountable.

Then something amazing happened.

I found my community. People who, like me, had goals and dreams but needed support and simplicity. It changed how I approached my health and fitness (and I was already a yoga instructor, but still didn’t have the drive to get my ass to the gym).

I found workouts that didn’t intimidate me, that were already planned out so I just had to press play and follow along.

I found a soul tribe of sisters who cheered me on, held me accountable and celebrated each other’s wins.


Oh and the ability to say YES to WINE AND DESSERT without feeling guilty? Because I’m not the person who will tell you to cut everything out of your diet. I did that too many times and it wasn’t sustainable and it made me more obsessive and anxious about my health. But I didn’t feel healthy, I felt trapped. After a long time of swinging from one side of the health obsessive spectrum to the other I realized I will not be a slave to food or diet fads. It felt so difficult to find the right balance, and it’s still something I have to be conscious of. But isn’t that the point- to be conscious? I consciously eat healthy as often as I can, and I consciously enjoy a nice meal out (including wine and dessert) here and there. I don’t play by any rules, except what a conscious mind would decide.

Conscious living has been the key to my own transformation.

I gave myself permission to put myself first. To focus on progress not perfection. To forgive myself when I fell off, and to love myself each time I got back up. There’s really no end goal in the long run. Yes you may want to drop 15 lbs or improve your flexibility but it’s a journey to that place and it’s a journey once you’ve arrived at that goal. Because honey, if you don’t move forward in your life where are you going?

Putting yourself first, making time to meal plan & workout, isn’t always easy. Keep moving forward and you will start to feel like the amazing and BEAUTIFUL woman that you are.

I became so passionate about the transformation that there was no way I wasn’t going to share it with the world.

Are you so ready to say YES to this journey for yourself?

Join my health and fitness group coaching program, and I will guide you as we go on this journey together toward better health and wellness.

This might be for you if you…
  • don’t know where to start but really really really want to reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be
  • want accountability and support from myself and others on this journey with you
  • get bored with going on the elliptical every day
  • are intimidated by the gym
  • don’t have time or money for hours in the gym with a personal trainer
  • want to lose weight
  • want to get stronger
  • want to feel and look your best
  • want more energy
  • want to create lasting healthy habits
  • want simple and flexile meal plans
  • want a no brainer workout routine
  • believe you are worth it!

What YOU do

  • Select your fitness program based on what works best for you (I’ll guide you through your choices)
  • Do your daily workout and drink your superfood shake (Don’t worry, there is a rest day!)
  • Use the meal plans to eat like a BOSS (a super healthy boss)
  • Share your workout and shake/meals with our group via the private app (you can share photos or just tell about what you did)
  • Experience your own personal power every time you decide to put yourself first
  • See awesome results!

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