So this year maybe you’ve thought about establishing a meditation practice. You know the benefits, you have all the apps, perhaps you’ve even tried it a few times. But for some reason it just isn’t sticking. Do you find this true for you? It certainly was (and sometimes still is) true for me. By creating a sacred and relaxing meditation space for yourself the habit may just take hold, as long as your desire is there; I’m not going to promise that your practice will immediately take off- you have to be committed to it. So I wanted to share with you my 5 must haves for your meditation space. I like to break it down by the five senses.

Sight– You’ll want to incorporate images or objects that bring you into a high state of joy, focus, and love. This can be anything you want such as personal items like pictures and heirlooms, or spiritual items such as crystals, statues, and mala beads. Create a space that invites you to spend time there, and bring your personality to it. If you prefer a minimalistic style then keep it simple, if you like lots of color then decorate to your hearts content, and if plants make your heart sing then get some green in there!


Smell- It is said that the sense of smell evokes the strongest emotional and memory reactions in the brain. I find that using the same smells consistently in your meditation or yoga practice over time will have the power to bring you back to a state of peace by just smelling it. You can use essential oils, candles, incense, or burn sacred cleansing items such as sage or palo santo wood.

Taste– While it’s not necessary to incorporate taste in your meditation practice, I feel that engaging in all 5 senses creates a full body experience and brings you fully into the now. Get creative with this one. I usually have tea with me (because I always have tea with me) but if dark chocolate, peppermint, or a certain type of fruit brings you happiness then go for it. The use of food in mindful meditation is also a great way for non-meditators to get into the habit. You can do this by picking a food and spending a significant amount of time looking at it, touching it, smelling it, and tasting it. Fully being in the moment. We can use food as a tool to bring us in the present, but sadly most of the time we are devouring our food in a rush or while doing something else. I was lead through a mindful meditation one time with a slice of orange and it was unforgettable.


Feel– Giving your hands something to do is a great way to stay with your meditation. Holding onto something that has spiritual or energetic significance to you will help you stay in the vibration of your higher self. Holding a crystal in your hands or at your heart’s center is a powerful energetic tool for elevating your meditation. Mala beads are useful when chanting certain mantras and can help you from drifting off into thoughts of the past or future. You also want a comfortable cushion to sit on; if you are uncomfortable you are less likely to tune in to your practice. Overall, let the space be a refuse for your tactile sense, incorporate whatever feels good. If you like velvet find a velvet cushion to sit on, or if you love cashmere wrap a shawl or scarf around your shoulders.

Hear– Whether it’s a sound that you produce yourself or one that you listen to, not only is the auditory component of sound a great way to stay engaged in your meditation, but most importantly the vibratory component to sound will affect you on a cellular level. I always loved chanting in my yoga classes in preparation for meditation because I can physically feel the vibration in my chest and moving it’s way through my body. It’s more than just sound. When our cells are vibrating at a higher level we can significantly deepen our experience in meditation. I also love, Tibetan singing bowls or guided meditations because they occupy my mind, when it might other wise drift off into meaningless or worrisome thoughts.



Whatever you incorporate to your space let it be a reflection of you, and the things you love.  There really are no rules, and it doesn’t have to be big either. There are loads of ways to create a space with limited room. Get creative and share in the comments what you have in your sacred space? I would love to hear what some of your favorite items are!!!






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5 Must Haves For Your Meditation Space

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