Hi, I’m Caroline!

I’m a soulful wellness lifestyle coach for modern women who desire greater understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection so they can live out their happiest and most vibrant lives, kick ass in their businesses, and feel AMAZING!

A few years ago I was lost. I was in my first job out of graduate school, working in a medical facility, with no balance in my life. I ate on the go, didn’t get enough sleep, and my anxiety was at an all time high. I was completely burnt out with no time or energy to invest back into myself.

Not only was I not treating my body right  but I was also spiritually empty, and emotionally exhausted.

On new years day 2014 I found three women who would eventually become my mentors. These women opened a door for me to learn about feeding my body with the right things, self-care, mindset transformation, spiritual connection, and overall living a life where my body, mind, and soul were all in alignment. These women are Gabby Bernstein, Kris Carr, and Marie Forleo, all of whom I am fortunate enough to have trained with.

Once I was ready, my teachers appeared…

In the work I’ve done since that day Ive come face to face with my limiting beliefs, fears, and anxieties. Feelings that take me out so badly that I want to crawl under the covers and forget the world for a while.

Every time these feelings were brought up, I was able to look at them, and make room for healing and growth.

Then I did the scariest thing and answered the call to be a teacher and coach for other women in my position. It was in this space of helping others who struggle with their health, wellness, and mindset like I did, where I found my calling.

My clients are vibrant women who are looking for more purpose in their busy lives.

Women who work hard AF and want to feel energized, aligned, and centered.

The ladieson a journey of personal development and growth who desire guidance toward greater purpose and clarity.

My passion is helping you create mind-body balance that will increase your energy and confidence so you can finally feel your happiest and healthiest.

It’s time to stop dealing with the bullshit that’s not serving you anymore!

Are you ready to step into your  happiest, healthiest self?


It’s my deepest passion to help young women like you overcome your excuses, fears, and stagnancy so you can experience mind, body, soul transformation!

For those ladies who are ready to get clear on what is holding them back and create a new vision for your life.

What if you felt lighter, more vibrant, and connected? Youre deepest desires don’t have to be a dream. You can make it your reality right now!

You might think you havent accomplished these goals due to a lack of time, money, guidance, or resources, but that’s not true! You haven’t done it becuase there’s something that says you shouldn’t make yourself a priority.

Your old beliefs may have gotten in the way of you shifting toward your highest self. What if today you decided to stop the sabotaging, and make your self a priority. Pretty soon you might be able to emerge into the radient, centered, and empowere women that you truly are. It’s my deepest passion to help young women like you overcome your excuses, fears, and stagnancy so you can experience mind, body, soul transformation!

In this moment, envision what life could be life if you finally dropped the weight, cleaned up your diet, created daily self-care routines, increased your self worth, or had a clear path toward living your highest potential. How does that feel?

Introducing : The VIP Private Coaching Package

How does the VIP Coaching Package work?

All of my coaching is custom designed for each individual. We will determine what areas you would like to address and come up with a plan to achieve those goals using a combination of mindset work, clearing out old limiting beliefs, deep spiritual connection, setting measurable and achievable goals, establishing habits and daily routines around your fitness and food, yoga, meditation, personal development.

I have found that when anybody feels blocked it really comes down to two things: limiting beliefs that hold you back, and a lack of self worth. We don’t always realize that we sabotage ourselves, but when we do it’s often tied to a lack of self love and self worth. Together we tackle these factors throughout the coaching experience.

How is the program structured?

From the very beginning we will identify fears and limiting beliefs that block you from achieving your goals and feeling your happiest and healthiest.

With each session we go further into clearing away old belief patterns, and establish new empowering beliefs that align with your goals.

I will provide you with practical tools that you can use every day to help integrate the work we are doing into your life.

If health and fitness is more of what you need then we will primarily focus on developing lasting habits and achievable goals around wellness, food, and exercise.

If a deeper spiritual connection and mind-body balance is what you desire, then we will focus on spiritual development, yoga, meditation, and clearing away limiting beliefs.

What is included?

▲30 minute discovery call to get clear on your specific goals and if we are a good fit.

▲ 10 weekly calls to be used in the 3 month period, at 50-60 minutes each via zoom.

▲ A welcome packet to help pinpoint the exact areas we will be working on and get clear on your goals.

▲ A session summary emailed to you and recording of all sessions.

▲ Unlimited email support with me during your program. I will be accessible during business hours to provide additional guidance and answer any questions that may come up during the 3-month program.


▲  Full access to my self-guided course, The Mind Body Revolution which includes, 6 digital video modules, soulful workbook, affirmations, yoga sequences and meditations.

▲ My Seasonal self-care guides, for a whole year of self-care geared towards the changing seasons. 

▲ The Minimalist Kitchen guide, a no bullshit guide to keeping your meals simple, healthy, and fast. 

Having Caroline as a coach has really been life changing! When I reached out to her, I was in a pretty low place in life.  I couldn’t seem to crawl out of the hole I was in.  After a divorce, moving a few times, not feeling like I had a home, I felt really lost and knew I needed to get back to a place of positivity and hopefulness that I knew was within me, but couldn’t seem to reach.  I had a few goals I wanted to reach within myself and with my career.  Goals were met. The transformation was astounding and so uplifting. I literally could feel my mental state going from feeling hopeless to hopeful and is it so EXCITING! She is very compassionate, understanding, nonjudgmental and really ready to tackle any subject with you no matter what. I would highly, highly recommend working with Caroline if you are looking to better yourself personally and/or professionally and want to be a happier healthier person.  When I look back at our first e-mail, I hardly recognize myself and am SO grateful I am now someone on a spiritual path towards the life I want to lead.- Molly, NY

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